Overseer Mia G. McGee

“So the last shall be first, and the first last:  for many be called, 
but few chosen.” (Matthew 20:16)

This outreach was established in 1999, by: Prophetess Mia McGee, Visionary of With a Vision Evangelistic (W.A.V.E.) Ministries.  The outreach/evangelistic work actually began in 1993 by Prophetess Mia, Visionary, and the name was given to her by God in the form of a prophetic encounter in 2001.

This multi-faceted woman of God serves in many capacities in the Kingdom, she is a successful entrepreneur, published author, radio host, ordained/licensed minister, wife/mother and the list goes on and on.  She utilizes the gifts that God has given her through business, education, and ministry.  Her principles and concepts are all based on God's Word and her success in these areas are because of the anointing and favor that has been placed upon her by God.


Mia McGee was called & Chosen at a young age, this woman of God serves in the 5-fold ministry apostolically & prophetically.  Mia walks in the office of a prophet(ess) of God and does not mind telling you what "thus saith the Lord". 

God not only gave her a "vision" for W.A.V.E. Outreach Ministries where she is the CEO/President.  She also serves or has served in various leadership capacities, including: Founding Pastor/ Overseer, Associate Minister, Youth Counselor, Armourbearer, Ministry Assistant, Choir Member and many other giftings in the Body of Christ. Prophetess Mia is an affiliate of Woman of God Ministries International  and serves as Executive Assistant to the Founder of Bridge International Missions, under the Leadership and Spiritual Covering of Apostle Trena Stephenson.  

Prophetess Mia has spoken on many platforms, including being featured on many local and national syndicated radio & television stations, including TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), Cumulus Broadcasting, Clear Channel Network and Selah TV.  She holds many degrees/credentials, and wears many “hats”.  Including an Entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor for various colleges/universities.

Mia often states, "What degrees and/or credentials I hold is not relevant to the anointing that I possess from God. Yes, I thank God for them, but since you may want to know, I did receive a Ph.D.(Prophetic, Healing, Deliverance) from the University of the Holy Ghost, located in the Holies of Holy, the Heavenlies, all these exceed any earthly letter."